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Operated and Published by the Eccentric Musician Company.
Reach out to 'New England's Live Music Fans' via our music e-zines:

www.SurfForLocalMusic.Net and This exchange serves text ads, mini banners and wide banners to our two music e-zines as well as others on the net. This is a great way to get your message to New England Music fans!

Add your website or blog to our external exchange advertising program. Loose the ads that are not paying off anyway and replace it with a block of our ads. Ads of small businesses and interesting sites from the New England area and beyond. Be part of a growing network of sites and blogs that have depth and meaning rather than the same old blah blah!

* For information on how to do this visit our SFL Blog; SFL Blog!

Feature your site on our popular music fanzine pictured below. All members can benefit through our external text ads and ad banners.

Welcome to Surf For Local Website Service and Traffic Exchange!

This is a micro-community of webmasters from various experiences and knowledge. Our members (free and paid) use our TrEx service that provides the platform, traffic and advertising services. We exist to support each other, network and help with your website needs.

Our members include; small business owners, bloggers, media channels and entrepreneurs.  It is through this website service and my popular music publication that help me support the performing arts. 

SFL Website Owner's News Blog
Updated on 10/11/14
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Find A New Website!
If you would like to find or list a new website that may not be listed in typical search engines yet, I am putting together a directory:
Please click here!

New SFL Member Announcements:

This listing is for all new members who have confirmed their emails!

  • SFL News!
  • New Website Release Announcements
  • SFL article; "Optimize Your Website"

SFL News:

As you can see here I have made some changes. From now on the front page of this site will be offering website and small business owners news and information on how to improve upon their online presence.

New Website Release Announcements:

This monthly listing is set for publication on the first of November and it is for new SFL members who have recently (within the past 3 months) released a new website.

Optimize your website!

Having your own website or managing one offers a great opportunity but it also comes with a great amount of maintenance work to keep it attractive and search engine friendly.  For starters, you should be placing the Google analytic code, keep your site and page descriptions current, be sure your key words are right for the site. These search
engine dynamics are constantly changing. Your membership here will keep you abreast of the changes without long winded geekyness talk.
About promoting your site to the "Search
Engine Crawlers":

My Regular Auto Surf is strictly maintained giving you an uninterrupted surf session. Most heavy hitter traffic exchanges get so swamped with data flow (which produces bandwidth limitations) that they often shut the browser or surf session down. Also for sites that have a large amount of free members surfing, your site is hit upon less and your credit balance never seems to gain much. 

At SFL TrEx i enforce a limit on the amount of free members. This limit increases as paid members increase. The advantage of this is that your site is hit upon more that the average traffic exchange and your surf session is going to last longer.

Stay tuned for more news, SFL updates and information throughout the coming months.

This site is owned and operated by the Eccentric Musician Company and is PayPal Business Verified.
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Webmaster Pro SFL Membership
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  • Get 700 Regular Exposure Tokens each month
  • Man. Surf: 0.95/View 12s timer
  • Get 300 Manual Exposure Tokens each month
  • Hov. Surf: 1.00/View 12s timer
  • Get 50 Hover Exposure Tokens each month
  • Referrals up to 3 levels deep
  • Earn 5 % of surfing
  • Commissions up to 3 levels deep
  • Earn 0.6 Exposure Tokens per 24-hr unique view
  • Up to 4 of each ad type
  • Send private on-site messages to other members
  • Get 50 message Exposure Tokens each month

To purchase a paid membership level you will first need to;
  • Sign up as a free member!
  • Surf the minimum required amount of sites.
  • Go to our 'Pay Pal' purchase page.

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