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Operated and Published by the Eccentric Musician Company.
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* For information on how to do this visit our SFL Blog; SFL Blog!

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Here you can learn details about how our traffic exchange works.  This includes contact information, general service descriptions and site policies. Just click onto the link of interest above.


How this works; Whether your new to traffic exchanges or not this section should be able to answer your questions. 

Policies; This is a must read to learn how our site differs from other exchanges you may be using.

Terms & Conditions; This is a must read to learn how our site differs from other exchanges you may be using.

Privacy; Our notes on how we protect your privacy.

Sitemap; An easy way to look up a page that you cannot seem to find. Descriptions are also noted.

About Us; This page offers an easy contact submit form as well as general info about me, the Webmaster.

90 Trial Member Information/Policy: As of 05/04/2014 SFL has a new policy regarding start up memberships and how existing members can interact with new members. This page has not been updated with the new policy. FOr now please read your past and future emails in your home inbox (Not the mail blaster system). *When the page is updated I will activate the link. You can access the current new member info page in the menu above.

Note: For the latest News, Site Stats, reward notices, contests & more, check out the News+ section.

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