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Operated and Published by the Eccentric Musician Company.
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* For information on how to do this visit our SFL Blog; SFL Blog!

Feature your music or venue profile on our popular music fanzine. For only a few bucks you can get a great profile page that is publicly available. Then simply promote that page here on the traffic exchange! If you need more internet and social promotions we can do that as well at very affordable rates.

This profile is a sales splash page that features your latest information and media. It is also designed to help you grow your fans list! Allow me to customize it for you by adding your ReverbNation module and more!
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Pricing information

If you haven't read how this works, some of these terms might not make a lot of sense.  Also, Some of the links below will not work if you are not logged in as a member. For example any link to a purchase page or to a membership info page.   The links above that are listed below the 'SFL Pricing' menu are all 'Public' access pages.

Below is a quick summary on the links above from left to right;

Ad Credit Pricing; Provides general information and a pricing breakdown charts regarding our Credit Pkg Rates. To purchase an available member to add to your downline, please go to your members area and then to the 'Buy Credits Here'.

Downline Pricing; Provides general information and a downline pricing breakdown charts regarding a purchase of an available downline ( free agent) member.  Entrepreneurs who are using our services to gain referal profits should check the Downline Pricing. To purchase an available member to add to your downline, please go to your members area and then to the 'Buy Credits Here'.

Membership level; The most important page in this section is the membership levels page, which discusses the costs and benefits of various upgrades, and the features available to each membership level.  Referral bonuses and earnings are also discussed there.  To upgrade your level, please go to your members area and then to the 'Buy Credits Here'.

Space Ads; Provides general information and a pricing breakdown charts regarding our specialized ad space pricing pricing. To purchase specialized ad space, please go to your members area and then to the 'Buy Credits Here'.

Payment Processors; Provides a list of the current services we use for processing payments. To sign up Click Here and make sure you edit the Change Payout Info page in your Membership area under General after.

Paid-To Option; This is option open to paid members (silver and above). The page provides info on how to surf and get paid for doing it. SFLM provides a Paid To Surf (PTS) non-click network offering the latest in opportunities and products.

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Webmaster Pro SFL Membership
  • Extra: 10% on purchases
  • Reg. Surf: 0.85/View 14s timer
  • Get 700 Regular Exposure Tokens each month
  • Referrals up to 1 levels deep
  • Earn 5 % of surfing
  • Commissions up to 1 levels deep
  • Earn 0.6 Exposure Tokens per 24-hr unique view
  • Up to 4 of each ad type
  • Send private on-site messages to other members
  • Get 50 message Exposure Tokens each month

To purchase a paid membership level you will first need to;
  • Sign up as a free member!
  • Surf the minimum required amount of sites.
  • Go to our 'Pay Pal' purchase page.

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