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Operated and Published by the Eccentric Musician Company.
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* For information on how to do this visit our SFL Blog; SFL Blog!

Feature your music or venue profile on our popular music fanzine. For only a few bucks you can get a great profile page that is publicly available. Then simply promote that page here on the traffic exchange! If you need more internet and social promotions we can do that as well at very affordable rates.

This profile is a sales splash page that features your latest information and media. It is also designed to help you grow your fans list! Allow me to customize it for you by adding your ReverbNation module and more!
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Welcome to ~ Create your social profile splash page today!

2014-09-07 -
News Update:
I am changing things up here as far as what types of pages can be created here and placed into the social surf network.

Here is the new list:

1, Create a "Singles" social profile:
There are many singles sites to choose from but all require a payment. this one is not necessarily focused on just single's profiles sot  you will have to create a singles profile or use a template that I will soon provide for you!
2, Create a "professional" profile: I will be creating a template for your to copy and paste into the description field.
3, Create an "About Us" Profile: Same thing here, be sure to place the proper keywords:
Type of profile (ie. Singles), location (country, zip code), some descriptive words (27,  Asian, Golf, Biking).

What is Cool about the Profile Splash Directory is that after you created it you can place it into the Social Surf Network where other SFL members can view it and attain Personal mail box credits to be able to contact the person on the profile without giving away to much personal information as it uses ID numbers assigned to each member. This way you can control when your ready to disclose more information.

More About Profile Splash:
Basically, it is a searchable directory of social profiles and these individual profile pages contain information on the person or organization and links to their relevant social connections. Further, these pages can be promoted on our "Hover" Surf Network. Simply copy your profile URL and paste it into the social splash network in the manage ads section ( )

You may also start your own social group right here or simply write a blog on a topic that interests you. To do so, fill out/update your profile and then from the same edit page click onto the group link section.

How to;
Simply start a profile of all of your social connections that you wish to share with others to attract new potential members and/or customers. This is a great tool of you wish to reach people who are outside of the social network you normally use to promote your organization or business.

For example, Social Splash is great for promoting a 'Facebook' group page, musician page, or business page. Simply fill out the form found here ( ). After it's been approved promote your Social Splash profile on our traffic exchange. The thing is, not everyone wants to join a social network and if that is all you use to promote your group, business or organization, you are selling yourself short. This will at least promote your group to the outside world.

Did you know that if I clicked onto your Facebook page and I was not a member or logged in, I would not see your page at all until I logged in? It is true and this is sad because not having even basic information readily available robs you of potential members, page likes, followers and news sharing.

How to promote your 'Social Splash Profile':

Now take your profile page URL (This is mine... and place it into our manual and/or auto traffic exchange and especially our very new Variable Surf exchange called 'Social Site'. By doing this you will be promoting all of your social links to the outside world and at the same time provide a little information about what you do. Our 'Social Splash' is quick and to the point. The pages load fast and there is no membership required to view the profiles or the profile listing found here;

So be sure to sign up to our new 'Social Splash' system right now while you are here. It will only take a few minutes.

Social Splash also has Group pages if you would like to take your promotions a step further.

Use our blog area to post a small nugget of information that you specialize in. A review, your take on a new item just released or perhaps a knowledge based article. Maybe you have political views, religious or something to that effect. Take advantage of the space here to give our 500+ dedicated members a reason to follow you on your other social connections.

"Social Splash" The more connectivity you share with us the bigger the splash you will have in the ad exchange surfers world.


Glen Peladeau
Eccentric Musician Company
Publisher of;

Find us on Facebook;
Follow me on Twitter;

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Eccentric Musician Company

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